Third party liability insurance

The essence of the general third party liability insurance – for damage occurred in connection with the activity run and property held – is the transfer of the financial burden connected with the liability of the Insured Company for damage caused to third parties.

The way of structuring an optimum third party liability programme, with regards to the scope and costs, should comprise, in the opinion of Unity Broker, an apt analysis of risks occurring in a company seeking coverage. The analysis should be carried out by a broker in cooperation with the entity seeking coverage in such a way as to cover the events for which the Insured is held liable pursuant to legal regulations, to the most comprehensive manner possible.

The purpose of cooperation with our Partners is such a selection of technical and insurance agreement parameters that the insurance covers the risks related to potential costs as well as possible.

All information regarding the approach to the risk analysis and the whole process of insurance agreement arrangement is available upon direct contact with us.

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