Trade credit management

Our specialized financial and insurance products provide certainty and guarantee of stable growth of the company’s value.

Trade credit management has no secrets to us. Many years of experience and international scope of activity allow us to identify the risks faced by our customers at every stage of the sales process and to choose an adequate security in the form of individual insurance programmes that protect the interests of our customers.

In the rapidly changing market conditions, we provide our customers with comprehensive industry / market / economic reports allowing them to fully analyse the current market situation, identify potential risks and specify possible development opportunities. Thanks to precise and up-to-date information, we take care of a stable growth path for our customers.

In case of the necessity of court debt collection or the issue of debt sale, we cooperate with specialized law firms, guaranteeing our customers the highest level of legal service and the selection of the most advantageous form of debt recovery.

Specialist products – Highest market competencies

The development and safety of our customers is our strategic goal

Bartosz Dobecki

President of Trade Credit Broker

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