Mission and Vision

U Insured sale
N Supervised Finance
I Innovative Financial and Insurance Synergies
T Assessment & performance accuracy
Uncertainty identification – increase in safety level


The mission of the UNITY Group is to provide Companies with comprehensive Insurance and Finance Services guaranteeing safe sales, timely collection of receivables and stable growth of assets in domestic and foreign transactions. By creating specialist and innovative insurance and finance solutions for our customers, we become their partner, advisor and guarantor of stable growth of the Company’s value.


The UNITY GROUP is guided by the highest ethical standards in its activities. It is committed to fairness, transparency and building a value chain for its customers.

For our customers we create added value in the form of a wide range of specialized financial and insurance services. In the area of finance and insurance, we create a solid foundation for the current activity of our customers and the development of their companies in the future.

We focus on continuous development of our employees, inspiring them to achieve the best results and realize their full potential. With Passion we strive for Perfection.

From among a huge variety of financial services on the market, we create individual financial insurance solutions that meet the current needs and specificity of our customers’ business. We operate on the basis of the best business practices. Innovative financial and insurance synergies are our speciality.

In our activities we always focus on building stable, long-term growth of the company’s value.

We believe in the power of “Giving” and therefore support the initiatives of the local community. We want to increase the chances of some people to realize their potential.


With Passion we strive for Perfection.

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