Specialised insurance programmes

Unity Broker in cooperation with insurance companies, within the framework of collaboration with groups of institutional entities or professional groups, creates specialist insurance products and programmes that have solutions that are unattainable or difficult to attain for some customers from outside such a group – both in terms of price and scope of covered risks. Such programmes are developed following a very detailed analysis of the needs of our partners and customers as well as the insurance market potential, with the greatest emphasis on the effectiveness of their functioning and flexibility of cooperation among all parties.

Apart from programmes for organized or open groups of customers, we are involved in creating new and modifying existing agreements and specimen agreements – often exceeding the commonly used standards. We are able to help in cases that require the application of legal and insurance knowledge with the support of our experience – in creating effective solutions for a specific case.

We try to listen carefully to the needs of our business partners and react to them quickly and effectively, so that the risk related to the operations, which is possible to be transferred to a third party assuming the effectiveness of such a transfer, is effectively pushed out of our customer’s reach.

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