Property insurance

Beyond doubt, one of the main, if not the main risk identified by the Entrepreneurs in connection with the conducted business activity is the risk of damage to property, caused by such risks as fire or other natural risks (hurricane, strike of lightning, etc.). Therefore, the first talks about creating a full insurance programme begin with determining the Customer’s needs and the possibility of covering basic risks.

The main tool for insurance transfer of risk related to the property owned is property insurance against fire and other fortuitous events / property insurance against all risks, the so-called all risk (Property Damage Insurance). The scope of this task involves the necessity of highly individualized approach to each of our Partners and common work on the creation or selection of appropriate insurance coverage.

Within the framework of standard procedure of property insurance coverage arrangement, Unity Broker, on the basis of gathered information, documents, discussions with relevant persons in the Company seeking coverage, creates and proposes optimum solutions concerning the structure of Property Insurance Programme.

The scope of risks, which can be covered under the property insurance agreement, is substantially unlimited and it depends on the will of the Policyholder, the broker’s skills and the possibilities of the Insurance Company, therefore Unity Broker, as the link connecting our partner (the Company) and the Insurance Company, by means of professional action, may bring numerous benefits to the Policyholders.

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