Group life insurance and employee benefits

Increasingly, when choosing an employer, employees also pay attention to non-payroll elements. Offering by employers the opportunity to join a group life insurance scheme and offering all kinds of benefits can complement workers’ social security. Employees are an integral part of any company, life insurance can positively influence the sense of security and stability of employees as well as the image of the employer in the market environment.

A professionally conducted tender for life and health insurance allows to adjust the protection to the needs of employees and their families. Group insurance is often more advantageous than the one concluded individually in terms of both the premium and the offered scope of insurance protection – examples of derogations offered by insurers during negotiations include the lack of a grace period, the possibility of obtaining consent to protect employees on sick leave, the lack of medical questionnaires, the possibility of individual continuation of insurance, etc.

The employer or employee may be responsible for the payment of the premium, the premium may also be partly financed by the employer.

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