Detective reports

Gain some advantage – use a detective report


A detective report is often the most effective tool for making appropriate and responsible decisions.

Working with UNITY means increasing the level of security in running your business and establishing secure business contacts.

Properly conducted business intelligence aims to protect your company from losses caused by dishonest and unreliable business partners. It allows you to get to know current and future business partners and assess the risk resulting from the conclusion of a contract, to get to know the past and career development of individual members of the management board of a given company or individuals.

Thanks to a detective report, you will learn about the profile of your future partner in a way that allows you to properly shape the legal relationship or withdraw from establishing cooperation. Additionally, the detective interview in a situation when your business partner has not settled its obligations may include seeking the debtor’s assets, verification and analysis of land and mortgage registers, other property registers as well as indicating real possibilities of recovering debts and establishing an effective debt collection strategy.

The scope of services provided by our business intelligence agency includes, among others:

  • Verification of authenticity of all documents,
  • Assessment of the assets of the audited entity,
  • Assessment of reliability in the business relations of the audited entity
  • Determination of market position and opinion,
  • Verification of the company’s opinion among other business partners
  • Assessment of the authenticity of statements made
  • Seeking debtor’s assets

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