Amicable debt collection

Do not take any risks, entrust debt collection to UNITY Experts


Amicable (pre-court) debt collection is undoubtedly one of the key elements of debt recovery. At this stage, the most important is direct contact with the debtor and negotiation of the method and date of debt repayment. For this purpose, we cooperate with a network of field debt collectors.

Our goal is:

  • to persuade the debtor to pay the debt in full as soon as possible,
  • to verify the debtor’s assets in field,
  • to establish safeguards for the obligation repayment,
  • to sign a settlement agreement.

At the next stage, there is a constant supervision over the implementation of the conditions contained therein.

Undoubtedly, an amicable resolution of the conflict over payment should be in the interest of every company. The average waiting time for payments in Poland is 59 days, in the European Union – 17 days. Thanks to the actions taken by UNITY Experts, the waiting time is significantly reduced.

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