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Unity offers a wide range of trainings covering insurance, finance and sales.

The detailed scope of trainings includes:

Insurance area:

  1. Training on insurance procedures
  2. Anti-fraud training
  3. Training on amicable debt collection:
    • what types of debtors can be distinguished and how to talk to each of them
    • how to talk to a debtor about money

Sales area:

1 . how to select reliable customers – analysis of potential customers in terms of the risk of lack of future payments

A wide range of UNITY trainings guarantees an increase in the security of our customers’ business. Trained employees identify market threats faster, make better use of available risk mitigation tools and ultimately make better decisions, which contributes to a systematic increase in sales and the value of our customers’ enterprises.

UNITY Experts will equip your team with all the necessary risk mitigation tools, laying a solid foundation for the further development of your business.

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