Noble Gift

Here are the brief thanks we’ve received…

Dear Donor,
Thank you for changing the world for better with us!

A Noble Gift is not only a Christmas gift for those who need it most, but above all an impulse to change. It is wise help in establishing a relationship with another person who needs attention and interest. Thanks to you and your close friends and relatives, people affected by misfortune know that there is someone who has noticed them and believes in them. Regaining hope for a change in life is the best gift you could give at this holiday time.

Thank you for helping people who have run out of luck.

Feel free to read the impressions of the Family (Katarzyna and her family) and the Volunteer from the Weekend of Miracles during which your parcel reached the Family.

A report on the meeting with the family at the presentation of the gift

The bed that had been delivered earlier was very much liked by the family, the whole room was immediately rearranged so that it could fit in – Katarzyna called the next day especially to say that she was very happy and did not expect such a gift and the bed meets their needs perfectly.
Both Katarzyna and her daughters were very excited when the rest of the gift was being handed over. The same reactions were triggered by the appearance of the washing machine – here the mom was the happiest. The girls were most happy about the gifts, cosmetics and the dream doll for Magda who was speechless when she saw the gift. Clothes and especially shoes, which fitted perfectly, also caused a lot of joy. Joanna was incredibly happy when she saw her dream shoes with studs. Unpacking more packages caused more and more joy.
Katarzyna, said several times that this year would be the best holidays she remembered.

A word from the Family

Thank you very much for your help – thanks to you our Christmas will be exceptional this year. We are very grateful. We wish you merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year 2020.

A word from the Volunteer

Working with you is pure pleasure. For my part, I would like to thank you for your cooperation in preparing help for the Family. I would also like to thank you for responsible preparation of the contents of the package, thanks to which I could participate and share the joy with the Family unpacking the gifts. I hope that the Noble Gift has and will have more and more Donors like you, that all the volunteers can be proud and enjoy the great cooperation just like I do.
I also hope that I will have the pleasure to meet you on the occasion of the next edition of the Noble Gift campaign. For the upcoming Christmas, we wish you rest with your families and lots of successes and the fulfilment of your innermost dreams in the coming New Year. You are great! Remember that every day.

Thank you for accompanying us in bringing help to those most in need. Only together can we reduce the number of touching stories like the ones described in the Poverty Report 2019.

It’s good you are with us!


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