Don’t you have enough money to buy a car or machine for your company? Do you prefer instalments to one-off large expenses? Do you prefer instalments to one-off large expenses? Choose a machine or a car you need and we will collect and compare the terms and conditions of the leasing.

There are several types of leasing:

  1. Operational leasing – the lessor remains the owner of the object – therefore the leasing company has the right to make depreciation write-offs. The lessee may include the initial rent and monthly instalments (interest and capital part) as deductible costs.
  2. Finance leasing – in this model, only the interest portion of the leasing instalment and depreciation write-off are included in the tax deductible cost. In financial leasing there is no redemption, the lessee becomes the owner of the object upon payment of the last leasing instalment.
  3. Returnable leasing – in this model, the User resells its fixed asset for cash to the Financing Party and then uses the fixed asset on the basis of a leasing agreement.

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