17 | 1 | 2020

The Same but Much Better

We are pleased to announce that we’ve managed to complete the project of reconstructing the website and providing you with new functionalities. We would like to show you how much we have changed over recent years. We are constantly trying to increase the scope of our services.

We have started with trade credit insurance, then we have introduced support for other insurance lines. We have implemented assistance for customers in the scope of financial solutions, factoring, loans, etc. Within the framework of insurance products, we have established new departments: claims department, risk assessment department, which will further support our customers in the proper handling of insurance products, thus guaranteeing the best service available on the market. With the new layout of the website, we are launching the Media Centre for you. It will be a place where you will find a number of reports on the current market situation. We will try to provide you with materials both on the economy of our country, as well as presenting a global picture of a number of global business challenges.

We will also provide you with strictly industry-specific articles, divided into particular industries.

At this blog we are going to share information on insurance news, we are going to start a series of studies “Through the eyes of a credit insurance expert” and we are going to keep you posted on what is happening within our company.

We hope that the new solutions introduced by us will be appreciated and will contribute to better achievement of your business goals.

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