4 | 7 | 2019

How do we operate, who is a broker?

An insurance broker is an independent insurance agent performing activities on behalf of or for the client. Broker’s activities are settled by the act of 22 May 2003 on insurance mediation.
Benefits from the cooperation

  • selection of financial instruments, allowing your company to boost liquidity and sales security
  • creating an optimum insurance programme, taking into consideration the specifics of the company activity and the branch of industry
  • analysis of market offers and assistance in the selection of the insurer’s / factor proposal, optimized in substantial and financial respect
  • consulting and support at each stage of the insurance agreement / factoring functioning (negotiation of conditions, on-going service, loss adjustment)

Technical and organizational details of cooperation

Unity as an insurance broker represents the insurance interest of the client on the basis of a power of attorney (the so-called Broker’s Letter) issued by the client, possibly on the basis of brokerage agreement.

Remuneration, in accordance with the Polish market practice, is paid in the form of the brokerage commission (commission on the amount of premium collected) by the insurance company in which the risk would be placed; there is the option of remunerating the broker directly by the client in the form of a fee, nevertheless such a solution is applied extremely seldom.

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